KANTO KV25DS Ride-on Vibration Roller (Brand New)

The all-round model for small and medium-sized construction sites

  • 1200mm, 3000kg, 17.7kW
  • Easy maintenance thanks to full open hood Safety lock bar is provided for strong winds
  • Back buzzer off switch (Std)
  • ECO mode, Sprinkler timer (Opt)
  • Certified European Visibility Safety Standard 1 x 1
    Super Low-Noise Equipment
  • Inhouse made machined perfect circle drums contribute distributing water evenly with the spring loaded scrapers
  • Cylinder roller bearings are used on the vibration axle for improved durability
  • Spring loaded scrapers are located at the front and rear of each drum
  • Low floor height for easy getting on/off
  • High durable impeller type sprinkling pump
  • Uniform and smooth compaction on curved surface as tire dragging during cornering is reduced by 2-motor rear wheel drive (Combined model only)

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