KATO HD25V5 Mini Excavator (Brand New/ Rental)

Powerful Strong Reliable

Environmental-friendly engine
Boom Swing
Comfortable operating space – Ergonomic wide comfortable operating space has been designed to fit operator.

Wide openable engine cover
The fully openable engine cover provides great access to various components. Daily maintenance such as air filter cleaning, engine oil replacement become easier.

Working light under the boom
The light installed under the boom is protected from damage

Travel speed select switch
Travel speed 1 (2.5km/h) and2 (4.4km/h) are automatically changed according to the traveling motor load. Can set only speed 1 by press the switch on the dozer lever.

Fully versatile easy skimming work
The closer distance between bucket teeth and dozer blade allows it to skim the ground easier.

X-shaped under carriage
It has enhanced the strength against twist. Mud drainage performance has been increased and cleaning is now carried out with ease.

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