KATO HD60V5 Mini Excavator (Brand New/ Rental)

Powerful Strong Reliable
Advanced low center of gravity design
This powerful machine fits various jobsites!

Workability & Economy
High Stability, Auto-idling Function, High Operability, Operating Mode Selection, Enhanced Dumpling Height, Easy Fueling, Powerful Operation, Fully-versatile Easy Skimming Work.

ROPS-compliant 4-post Canopy, Traveling & Swing Parking Brake, Engine Start & Safety Lock System, Emergency Engine Stop Switch.

High Durable Rubber Shoe “TOUGH TRACK”, X-shaped Lower Frame, Working Light under the Boom, Reinforced Boom Cylinder Cover, Boom Swing Pin, Reinforced Dozer Blade, Traveling Auto-shifting Mode.

Comfortable Operating Station, 12V Electric Supply Port, Monitor, Comfortable Lever Control, Great Access, Cup holder.

Good Access to Service Ports, Steel-pressed Cover

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