VOLVO EC380DL Hydraulic Excavator (Used)

Improved hydraulics

Quicker cycle times of *8-10% from improvements in the enhanced hydraulic system which provides more flow to the bucket by using both pumps in conflux, as well as increased total pump flow and smooth combined operation. By simply using gravity, the optional boom float ensures there is more power available to the arm circuit for faster loading cycles and more control for leveling and hammer operation.

It won’t let you down.

If you’re looking for strong and durable performance then look no further. These machines excel in demanding terrain. Featuring reinforced welding and heavy-duty protection, no job is too tough for Volvo’s reliable machines – rest assured that the work will get done

Eco mode

Volvo’s unique ECO mode improves fuel efficiency by an additional 5%.

Climate control

Industry-leading automatic climate control and defrosting system with 14 well-spaced vents for increased comfort.

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